Santa's on his way!

This is a busy week for Santa as the BIG DAY approaches! However, he will get to as many of you as possible this week WEATHER PERMITTING! 

Monday he will start near the junction of Buckingham Road & Throne Road & get to as many of you as possible via Balmoral Way, Crown Close, Majestic Way, Palace Close, Druids Avenue, Goths Close & Sandringham Drive

On Tuesday the start is near the junction of Valley Road & Barrs Road then via Coppice Road, Mill Road, Norwood Avenue, Tibertree Crescent & Hayden Park Road

On Wednesday he will be in the area around Blackheath  Library 

Thursday sees him start at Junction of Portsdown Road with Rosemary Road then via Quantock Close, Cumbrian Croft, Hambleton Road, Hartside Close, Sidland Close, & if there is time a few more nearby streets will be added.

Friday it's back shopping for carrots at TESCO!