Christmas Lunch at Beacon Centre for the Blind the first job is to contact Beacon to see if the lunches are still being held. This being confirmed, the next job is to see how many of the 11 Rotarians scheduled to attend will be able to make it! already I have emails saying cars are snowed in & movement is impossible. However, a couple of hours & a few frantic emails & phone calls later & a plan is formulated. Two colleagues who live close by will make their way on foot  to the junction of their 2 roads & then to where my road meets the main road, where will will be picked up by another colleague in a 4x4! So, 4 out of 11 ain't bad in the circumstances & we proceed (gingerly) to Wolverhampton. When we arrive volunteers have shovelled snow on the car park & drive at Beacon & the lunch went ahead with our plus 2 other depleted parties, the rest having cancelled. They still served an excellent Christmas Lunch & we all bought tickets for the fundraisng raffle.  Well done Beacon for pressing on regardless & thanks to my colleagues for making our attendance to the Christmas event of our favoured charities a reality.